How Women Won The West

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How Women Helped win the West You may think that the West was taken by only acts of men, that is false. Men did a lot to help win the west, but it was not just males who helped the cause. Women did a lot too. Throughout history people have always moved or migrated to claim new lands, and women have always been a vital part of these migrations. The Westward expansion of the United States is no exception. The following will be examples of what some women in particular did to help the cause of westward expansion. One woman that helped westward expansion was Ann Eliza Leavitt. She was a medical expert and she traveled with the westward caravans delivering hundreds of babies. She delivered around six hundred babies and she never once had a death of a child or the woman who was delivering. Taking into consideration the time period and conditions for delivering babies that is an amazing feat Elizabeth Simpson Haigh was another pioneer woman. She immigrated from England to America. Her and her five children made the migration to Utah on the handcart train. She joined the Latter Day Saints and so did her children. Nancy Melvina Melborn was a pioneer woman as well. She was an Arapahoe, Oklahoma pioneer. She was a business woman and helped her husband with his business. She raised mules and other livestock, training them for various farmers and livery stables. Sarah Elizabeth Wells traveled the Oregon trail 5 times back and forth by wagon train. She traveled from Missouri to Illinois. She is famous for sitting on president Abraham Lincoln’s lap. Bertha Stark was another pioneer women who came from overseas. She traveled from Germany. She left her family as a teenager to come to the United States and once she got here she traveled across the country to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She missed her family and wrote many letters to her family that have become

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