Adelaide Hoodless Essay

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A woman once said "Educate a boy, you educate a man, but educate a girl and you educate a family" (Face To Face: We Founded, n.d. pg.1). This woman was Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, born on February 27, 1857, who was an incredible woman with the qualities of a leader and inspiring other women with her speeches (Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead, n.d. pg.1). She changed many women's lives as she made education beyond grade 8 possible for women and girls as well as helping women reach equality with men. It all started when Adelaide went to Ladies College and met John Hoodless whom she married and later had 4 children (Who Is Adelaide Hunter Hoodless, n.d. pg.1). Then, tragedy struck in the family. Her fourth son died because of drinking impure milk which was Adelaide's motivation and encouragement to not let this happen to any other women (ibib). So, she made many organizations that taught women and girls about Domestic Sciences (household work), nutrition and hygiene (Adelaide’s Story, n.d. pg.1). Her contributions to Canada, their impact on the society and how it has evolved today's world will be discussed in the following paragraphs. Throughout Adelaide Hoodless's life she has made many contributions to Canada. One of the major ones was that she organized the first school for women, Household Science School, which opened in September 1895 (Adelaide Hunter Hoodless 1875-1910, n.d. pg.1). She believed that it was unfair only boys could go on to higher standards while girls had to stay home and do household work all day. So with this, Adelaide also became the co-founder of many organizations such as the National Council of Women (NCW), Victorian Order of Nurses (VON) (Stamp, 03/25/08, pg.1). She also nationalized the Young Women’s Christian Association also known as Y.W.C.A and was the founder of Women’s Institutes (ibib). The National Council of Women is an
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