How Were Slaves Treated In The Late 1800s

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Living, Eating, and Working as Slaves In the early 1865, slavery had come to the United States of America. Millions of slaves were told that they were free, and therefore many of them had been interviewed to share both of their happy and awful conditions they had during their slavery. The various conditions related to food, living, and work influenced whether or not slaves challenged their owners in the late 1800s. Some slaves were pretty satisfied with their owners but the others had lived the lives that people nowadays could ever imagine. The desire of being free resembled the awful conditions that some of them had. Nevertheless, numbers of slaves claimed that they would want to go back in time and visit their owners since they treated them well enough. A variety of slaves experienced various types of slavery and each of the stories represented unique lifestyles that each of them had. The slaves had not only described their working conditions, but as well as the Majority of the slaves suffered during the times they were enslaved while the rest had a fairly good time. The slaves that were being interviewed had various answers about whether or not they had hard times back then. Sarah Sexton, for example, served her master in Arkansas while lived in a very tough life. Her owner did not offer…show more content…
Majority of the slaves shared their delightful experiences with their owners while the rest claimed the awful relationships with their masters. When the year 1865 had finally came and slavery had been written in a big period mark, free slaves were somewhat able to share the happiness and bitterness that they had been through. Indubitably, it was the most remarkable period time of the lives of the slaves. However delightful or not, the freedom that slaves were reaching for had finally arrived. The nightmares ended after the Emancipation Proclamation by Abraham Lincoln in the year of

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