Gone With The Wind Comparison Essay

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Compare and contrast the documented people to character’s lives of that in the movie “Gone with the wind.” The first Slave interviewed was Dr. John W. Fields. John can be compared to that of Big Sam and Mammy in gone with the wind. Big Sam was a very caring slave. He protected Mrs. Scarlet and worked well for her to help support Tara, even when the rest of the slaves are all long gone, running away in the ruckus of the civil war. He can compare to Dr. John W. Fields because they each suffered from a separation due to slavery. John Fields was separated from his mother at a very young age as Big Sam was separated from Scarlet, but they were reunited after the war as John Fields was never reunited with his family. A way John Fields can compare to Mammy is he had a mind of his own, and wanted to learn and be an individual, and not just a slave. Mammy was lost and the only way of life she knew was being a slave, and caring for her white owners. She never really pursued any type of learning and her mind was “too simple, and not evolved enough” for her to pursue an education of any sort. The second documented account was of a woman by the name of Sarah Frances Shaw Graves. She can compare to that of Prissy in gone with the wind. Prissy was a young foolish and lazy slave at Twelve Oaks. She was prone to telling lies and was never really a reliable slave always getting hit by Scarlet for being foolish. They both have much in common because of their young age during the time of slavery and they each are too young, and naïve and clueless to understand certain situations. For example Prissy lied about being able to give birth to children to comfort Scarlet, and yet it was a very serious situation where Melly could have died, and Sarah didn’t understand the process of allotment and never really grasped the situation around her. They are very alike in this manner. They are

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