How To Write A Dbq Essay On The Cold War

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Document Based Question Sam Klaehn 7th hour 3/22/11 Mrs. Soucy The Cold War was not fought with real weapons but with money and the threat of the use of the hydrogen bomb. The USSR also had their own form of quote on quote weapons too. They had the United States on their toes as well with the fear of communism and the hydrogen bomb too. The “Iron Curtain” was not a real curtain made of iron but it was used as a metaphor to mark the boundaries between the communist and the democratic countries. There were two different alliances that “fought” the cold war and they were the North Atlantic Treaty Organization Warsaw pact. NATO consisted of twelve democratic countries and the Warsaw pact consisted of all the communist countries, and…show more content…
President Truman said in his speech to congress that the United States should give some of the border countries that could go either way like Turkey and Greece 400 million in aid. If they would not have given that aid Greece and Turkey probably would have gone to the communists as well. In his speech to the State Department, Secretary of State George Marshall, stated that the United Stated needed to offer aid to the countries a lot like the speech that President Truman gave to Congress two months earlier. In the Marshall Plan Secretary of State Marshall presented the idea that we should give aid to all of the countries and not just a few of them. The State Department thought it was a terrible idea and was not intending on doing anything about the Plan until Czechoslovakia was taken over by a communist rebel. The North Atlantic Treaty was signed by the United States and Canada and ten other Western European countries. As it says in Document four the treaty says that any armed attack against any country that has signed the North Atlantic Treaty is an attack against them all. It also states that “if armed force is needed to maintain security in the North Atlantic
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