Explain What Did Churchill Mean By The Term Iron Curtain

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What did Churchill mean by the term ‘iron curtain’? With the USSR in control of East Germany and they also controlled most of Eastern Europe as well, Churchill came up with the term Iron Curtain. The Iron Curtain was the borderline between West Europe and East Europe. What reasons did Truman give (Source A) for his policy? Truman believes that the communist’s are using terrorist force on Greece and Turkey and therefore to protect Greece and Turkey from the communists the Truman Doctrine was invented. They also knew that they were the only country able to help Democratic Greece. They did not want a totalitarian state forced upon these countries like Greece and Turkey. They did not want countries to be taken over by armed minorities and…show more content…
As it resulted with MacArthur being relived from duty due to the arguing between him and Truman. MacArthur wanted to attack the Chinese with Atomic Bombs but Truman denied his proposal. The problem for Truman was that he was very popular in America and it was a very emotional return to America for his speech. Why does the term balance of terror effectively describe the Cold War during the 1950s? The focus after the Korean war was the nuclear arms race and to stop the spread of communism mainly. But they also wanted to avoid a nuclear war. The US and NATO forces were placed in countries near Eastern Europe to protect the spread of communism. Each power wanted more nuclear bombs than the other but as long as they were equal no nuclear war would break out. This was the balance of terror. Why were US backed radio stations an effective means of propaganda? America also used financed radio stations like Radio Free Europe and the government’s official station, Voice of America. They broadcasted news to inform people who were trapped behind the iron curtain and to give them a taste of American music. The radio free Europe station broadcasted propaganda which was very successful in undermining support among young people for the Communist
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