Compare And Contrast The Cold War Vs Soviet Union Essay

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The United States vs. The Soviet Union The cold war began right after World War II between former allies, the United States and the Soviet Union. It was roughly between 1945 through 1990 shortly before the Soviet Union collapsed. It was also, one of the longest non-physical wars recorded in history. (Fun Trivia) The cold war was a war of violent propaganda and a race of vast production of nuclear weapons. The United States was extra successful in producing nuclear weapons during the cold war because they had more military power, they also produced the main chemical element needed to make the radioactive nuclear weapons, and the United States had major government backing (money support) to produce theses nuclear weapons and delivery systems. Since the cold war was between these two countries, the question is: which country was more successful in production of nuclear weapons during the cold war? In this essay I will explain how the United States was more successful in the productions of nuclear weapons and how they managed to do this without actually going into a physical war.…show more content…
The United was easily the most powerful nation in the world because of its war efforts, and defeating the Soviet Union. The United States also, created the chemical ingredient, Plutonium which was the main chemical element used in the nuclear weapon that mad them so explosive. So how can we prevent another cold war? I think in order to be peaceful; we could create a feign friendship between the two presidents of the United States and the Soviet Union. We should also, negotiate a peace treat, and become allies with the Soviet Union once
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