How to Throw a 4th of July Party

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Fourth of July People are overjoyed at the start of summer because it means a break from the stress of school for several months. One of the greatest parts of the summer is the 4th of July. It reminds Americans of the freedom they have and the struggle people have triumphed to protect it. Every year, my family celebrates this great day by throwing a party and inviting all of our friends. This has gone on for the last thirteen years and we have had anywhere from fifty to three hundred people at our house. My house is perfect for these parties because we own a good amount of land and can support different activities like carnival games, parades, volleyball games and cookouts every year. It is important to understand that people don’t have to have a lot of land or a big house to throw a successful party. Anyone can have an exciting 4th of July simply by understanding its history, what can be done to correctly celebrate it, and how to execute the steps correctly. The most important part of the Fourth of July is understanding why it is a holiday if the first place. Its history goes back to the start of our country in 1776. Thomas Jefferson wrote the declaration of independence that was signed by our founding fathers showing that the USA wanted to be its own nation apart from Great Britain. In the early years not many people celebrated the holiday but after both Thomas Jefferson and John Adams died on July 4th 1826 it started to become more popular and was officially set aside by congress as a holiday in 1870. . The day is used to remind us of the wars that have been fought by our country and the lives that have been lost since 1776 defending our constitution and natural rights stated in the Declaration Now, the fourth of July is one of the most celebrated days in the country through BBQ’s, picnics, parades, parties, and many other activities. In the past twelve years,

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