A Defining Moment at a Young Age

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A Defining Moment at a Young Age ENGL 1613 When I was 8 my parents took me on a surprise trip. I was so joyous when we pulled into the parking lot of Frontier City amusement park. Little did I know we weren’t there to ride rides but instead see Three Dog Night in concert. I had so much fun with my dad that night. As it turns out that night and the wonder of going to my first concert was one of the most inspiring moments of my life. After waking up the morning after the show it seemed I couldn’t satisfy my lust for music. I started finding ways to listen to music whenever I could. Even during the short 3 block walk to school I had to have my walkman. For my ninth birthday all I asked for was more music. To this day most of my family either gives me CD’s, concert tickets or gift cards to entertainment stores anytime social protocol is to give a gift. As I got older and was able to go to more live shows I fell in love with the whole live music scene once again. I got to the point that all the tapes, CD’s and videos weren’t enough. I had to be there to see the bands and experience their music first hand. I was never your typical girl after that. I never wanted to go shopping, do my make-up or other things “normal” girls my age did. I focused on school or figuring out when and how I was going to see another show. Once I was out of school I started getting more involved in the local music scene. I began to help promote and ask questions of those who were actually working at the shows I attended. I slowly became more and more a part of actually putting on the shows rather than just being in the audience. Now I have my own non-profit production company and set up, put on, and manage the same types of live shows I fell in love with as a kid. It has been twenty years since that fateful night and not a day goes by that

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