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Tania Molina Professor: Ana Maria Maldonado Music 26 December 2013 Concert Report The event was the annual 2013 “Festival Cardenas” with the theme of “Una Buena Educacion,” the Educational Zone. The event was full day of free fun, food and entertainment for the entire family and was the most attended expo Latino students and families ever. The educational expo zone designed to provide students and their families with information and resources that will facilitate student academic achievement and the pathway to college. The event was on October 27, 2013. The event took place at the Auto Club Speedway of Fontana. It was filled with thousands of cars trying to find a parking space. People all over the place feeling excited with excited voices; the air was filled with electric. All the people were squeezing in the entrance trying to go in. when I entered I was amazed because there were lots of people, children running everywhere, and yummy food everywhere. When we saw Los Tigres Del Norte, Roberto Tapia, and Graciela Beltran all our voices turn into frenzy, the music blared, and euphoria as they entered the stage. The performers were Los Tigres Del Norte, Roberto Tapia, and Graciela Beltran. Los Tigres Del Norte is a Norteno band. Many of their songs were tales or Corridos about life, love, and the struggle to survive in an imperfect world. The members of the band were Jorge Hernandez the director, lead vocals, and accordion. Hernan Hernandez played the electric bass and vocals. Eduardo Hernandez played the accordion, saxophone, bajo sexto, and vocals. Luis Hernandez played the bajo sexto and vocals. Oscar Lara plays the drums. The group was started by Jorge Hernandez, his brothers and cousins. Roberto Tapia is an American singer of Mexican ancestry. His music blends his regional Norteno music with hints of electronica and hip hop. Like in the song La

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