How to Survive a Trip to Walmart

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Surviving A Trip To Walmart The cat was meowing on the way out the door because her bowl was empty, you just popped the top on your last Pepsi, and the laundry is piling up because you forgot to get detergent last week. What does all this mean? The inevitable trip to Wal-Mart must take place before chaos ensues. Even though we all dread going to this house of madness, it's a job that must be done and careful planning needs to take place for one to survive a trip to Wal-Mart. While it may seem nearly impossible to walk out of Wal-Mart with your sanity intact, it can be done with a little advance preparation. Creating a list of needed items, going at an off peak time, and setting yourself a time limit on how long you will spend in the store are some ways that you can make the otherwise unbearable task completely doable. Creating a list of the items that you need in advance is critical to maintaining focus and more importantly, your sanity, when going to Wal-Mart. There are many ways to create lists. Some people use their smart phones to jot down items in their notes while others lean towards the old tried and true method of pen and paper. Whatever method you use, it's best to write down the items you need as soon as you realize you need them. Having a list in hand when you enter the store allows you to make less impulsive purchases and helps you to stay on track. The probability of coming out of the store with something that wasn't on your list is pretty high because we all are guilty of picking something up that we don't need but we get it anyway. A list won't stop you from doing this but it will certainly limit it and set you in the right direction. Once you've compiled your list of items, you must determine when you are going to go to the store. Many people tend to stop after work or go on the weekends. However, another key to survival is actually going at

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