Unit 4: Business Communication Essay

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Unit 4: Business communication Name: Julian Menger Class: 1IBS1 Date: Index P1: Explain different types of business information, their sources and purposes In this chapter I will explain the different types of business information, their sources and purposes of the Heineken Company. Heineken is a global beer brand, so the information has to be strict and clear. Verbal: Face-to-face verbal communication is the best way to communicate because there is less scope for misunderstanding. For most people, talking is the most comfortable method of expression, you can see how a person says something. For example the human resources, if an employee has to be fired it is better to say it to him then by a phone call or an e-mail. By verbal information it is easier to convey all your messages about the verb. In a big company like Heineken, is it not always possible to meet in person. You have to find a other way to communicate, like a phone call, Skype or WhatsApp, but it is important always to use a combination of methods. Written: Written information is very useful when you have to reach several persons but you don’t have time for a meeting or conversation. The symbols you use are representing the words that you want to say. Written information is at the most of the time very strict and clear, so people know what you mean. For example the department marketing can make a letter about their last market research and the results of it. It can help the company for the sales promotions and updating their knowledge about their consumers and concurrents. On-screen: This information is produced on-screen. You can give information by using a tv, powerpoint, beamer etc. You can combine this with texts, animation and video. It is useful when you want to reach to a big audience and given them information about something. For example this can be the financial and
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