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The Job and Career as a Computer Technician Henry Smith Everest University, Orlando South The Job and Career as a Computer Technician I remember when I got my first computer and had to take it to a computer technician to have it looked at. I had no clue what was wrong and no idea if it was fixable. It had viruses in it, lagged and also rebooted over and over never getting to the start screen. It was around 2005 or 2006 when I wanted to know how I could fix it myself and started paying attention to Dell technicians when I called them. I figured it was cheaper for me to learn how to repair my own system than having someone else do what I could do myself, and this is why I wanted to become a computer technician. A good computer technician can solve technical problems and give advice so they don’t happen again. Four typical problems a computer technician can resolve are: computer keeps on rebooting, lag computers, viruses-worms, and Trojans. Learning how to resolve these problems and others will give me the expertise I need for becoming a professional, which will also require education. Once I have the training and education I need, I will have a good job and salary opportunities. Typical Problems Computer Technicians Resolve Computers lag and how to fix them. Computers lag because they have a shortcut on the desktop that isn’t realty needed. When you download software or programs from the internet just because they look cool and only use the once or never, will cause a computer to lag. The system needs defragged, this means to reorganize the storage space on a hard disk and optimize its performance by consolidating related files, this needs to be run at least every two week. Computer keeps rebooting, it means? There could be a problem with the motherboard. When the

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