How to Melt Ice

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“Ice…Ice…Baby” “What is the quickest way to melt ice?” January 22, 2013 Abstract We choose to do this experiment in an attempt to discover what the quickest method for melting ice was. The purpose of this project was to find a way to melt the ice off the glass of a car windshield during the cold winter months. Our hypothesis was; if we added water to the ice it would melt quicker then adding either air or salt. The independent variable of the experiment was the molecular structure of the water found in the form of an ice cube. The dependent variable was the “amount” of time it took for all 3-ice cubes to melt. This experiment contained several controlled variables; the size of the ice cube, the material and size of the dish the ice was placed in and the temperature of the room. The variables were measured in size by use of a ruler and by time by using a stopwatch. We used a single ice cube placed alone in a dish as our unaltered Control. The resulting data showed that it was the chemical reaction of the salt added to the ice that had the fastest melting process. Therefore, in the end our hypothesis which had originally stated that “if we added water to the ice it would melt quicker then adding either air or salt” was proved incorrect. 2 Table of Contents I. II. III. IV. V. VI. VII. Introduction Research Methods and Materials Results Discussion Acknowledgements References Page 4 Page 5 - 6 Page 7 Page 8 Page 9 Page 10 Page 11 3 Introduction On a cold winter’s morning there’s one question that thousands of drivers across the country try to answer, “What’s the quickest way to get the ice of my windshield?” In the absence of some type of scrapping tool what could one use to accelerate the melting process Water or Salt? The scope of the problem is far reaching because temperatures vary and the amount of water

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