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Leah M Mod 2 10-17-12 Research Paper Dry Ice Halloween is coming fast! Remember seeing a floating fog at a witch’s door during trick or treating? Wonder what that “mysterious” fog was? It is called dry ice! What is dry ice? It has a lot to do with sublimation. What is sublimation? Great questions, glad that you asked. Let’s find out! Dry ice is known for common Halloween tricks, but that’s not all there is. Dry ice is a solid frozen form of carbon dioxide. Dry ice is 1.5 times as dense as air ("Dry Ice." How Products Are Made. 2002. Encyclopedia.com. (October 16, 2013).So who invented dry ice? Their name starts with an n and ends with a y. Their name is nobody! Dry ice wasn’t invented; it was discovered in the early twentieth century. Dry ice leaves no liquid moisture. It goes straight to a gas state, bypassing the liquid state. Sublimation plays a big role for dry ice. Sublimation is the state change of a material from a frozen form to a gas. Sublimation is a direct process from ice. Deposition is known as the opposite process of sublimation. Pure sulfur, benzion, and sal ammonic are created in this process. Industries use sublimation to purify substances ("Sublimation." World of Forensic Science. 2005. Retrieved October 13, 2013). Carbon dioxide is a huge element of dry ice. Dry ice is made up of carbon dioxide, but as a frozen state; frozen CO2. Carbon dioxide was the first gas to be distinguished from air. It is released during respiration and combustion. Carbon dioxide makes up gas, wood, coal, etc (Moore, John W., et al., Principles of Chemistry: The Molecular Science, Brooks Cole, 2009, p. 387). Dry ice is used for many different things. For example, shiping frozen items with dry ice to insure frozen food will remain frozen. When dry ice is used for freezing, place on top of items you want frozen. Keep dry ice wrapped in paper bag for safety and

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