How To Make a Good First Impression Essay

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Senior year of high school plays an imperative role in your life. Not only does this serve as the last year of high school and the year you apply for Colleges, but more importantly, it is one step closer to the “real world”. The “real world” is the realization that life after high-school is no longer fun and games. You must become aware that once you enter College and the working world, you must take everything seriously because you won’t be given second chances like the ones you received in high school. Although high-school does not fall under the “real world”, it still prepares you for what you should expect after you graduate. From everything I have learned in high-school, the most important thing would be how to make a good first impression, which is what I believe, the most important tool to succeed in any field. First of all, the definition of a first impression is the impression you give to a person about your personality when you meet them for the first time. So basically, a good first impression means how well you express your excellent qualities towards a person. You can make a good first impression in a variety of ways, like for example; dressing properly, speaking politely, listening well, and arriving on time. A first impression is very important simply because it gives the person a preview of the qualities you can display. To exemplify what I am saying; let’s say on the first day of school you were on time and prepared with all the necessary materials. This will have a positive impact towards the teacher who will assume that you’re a well-organized

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