How to Die in Oregon

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Ismael Quijada Professor Stacy Smith Psychology of Death and Dying October 18, 2013 How to Die in Oregon The movie “How to Die in Oregon” is truly a beautiful, deep and powerful movie. This movie, takes on the idea of “physician assisted suicide” or what they called it “dying with dignity”, gives a better perspective on the decision that people take in deciding their lives. A decision which is always a disheartening to every person that is put in such a situation, to the one committing the action it is a relieve from their lives that have diminish for some reason. This documentary is depressing, yet it is inspiring seeing how the lives of individual’s burdens where lifted by making such a harsh decision. To some which may seem as “taking the easy way out”, it seems to be an even harsher decision to leave their love ones behind. Yet, they act and look happy when they are at the point of consuming the drug that will enable them to “end” their lives in a more humane matter. I believe that the death with dignity is a much better way to end one’s life rather than have to wait in pain from either old age of from an illness that cannot be treated. I personally applauded the one woman from the film, whose husband passed away without being able to have a dignified death, to change the law in Washington. Although many people were against it and did not seem to try and learn more about this program, she was able to complete her husband’s last request. One of the saddest moments throughout the whole film is that of Cody. Cody is a female who suffers from reoccurring cancer and was also one of the most shown persons in the film. She lived her life as a graceful woman, yet in the end the pain that came with cancer was too much to deal with. Her family at first were shocked and astonished with her decision on the, but when the time came they knew nothing would stop her

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