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The essay “One Dying Wish” by James Duffy is a well organized persuasive essay. Duffy’s thesis is clear: “[Forcing] people to stay alive when they are in pain and there is no hope for recovery is wrong. [Terminally ill] patients should have the choice to let nature take its course. Forcing people to live in pain when only machines are keeping them alive is unjust” (74). Duffy’s thesis is well written and supported throughout the paper. Duffy then presents the opposing argument: hospitals are not empowered to prescribe the amount of pain medication necessary without putting itself at risk of a malpractice lawsuit. He goes on to say that this procedure is cruel treatment and the hospitals should have the option of stopping life support. Next he uses the example of his aunt, who was diagnosed with cancer. Although she tried every kind of treatment available to her, everything was ineffective and she ended up in a hospice center where was was able to avoid a drawn out painful demise. Duffy’s final example is from another writer’s story, where he uses excellent quotes and citations. He brings up a situation in which a nurse, who shares the same point of view as Duffy, hesitates to act when the patient is dying. For granting his dying wish, she is charged with murder. In conclusion, he states his opinion: American society should follow the lead of other countries and reevaluate the right of the terminally ill to die (76). Each example Duffy presents is well written and supports his thesis. He considers the opposing view of the hospitals, and has a rebuttal. He used correct quotes, citations, and ended with a conclusion that suggests what should be done to address the problem. Citations Duffy, James. "One Dying Wish." Models for Writers, 11th Ed. + I-cite. Boston: Bedford/st Martins, 2012. 73-77.
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