Should Euthanasia Be Allowed?

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Should euthanasia be allowed? March 30, 2010 David San Filippo told us, euthanasia came from two Greek terms “eu” which means “good”, and the “thanatos” which means “death”. Euthanasia can be explained as a “beneficial death”, a “good death”, or an “acceptable death” (1994). Some people think euthanasia is not considered killing. Killing stands for the killer taking others’ life, but it is not the will of the person who is killed. Some people believe that it is good to help people relief themselves of pain, and do not need to suffer anymore. Some people would think euthanasia is a murder. Here is the question, is euthanasia a helpful thing or a crime? Should euthanasia be allowed? Euthanasia is a way to relieve ill people’s pain and save them from a terrible illness. Most people choose to do euthanasia because they are terminal patients, and there is no hope to live. Now I will tell you a real story. Ewart was an American who had gotten a disease that causes his organs to shrink for a long time. He chose to die by euthanasia, to end his pain of his own accord finally. He said that Motoneuron disease made him tired and he had no will to live. If he was in so much pain by the disease, he would still want to live, but there were too much pain. From Steven Ertelt’s article, we knew that Ewart said, if he chose to live, he would suffer illness, but it did not mean he could cure the disease and have a new life (2008). Patients suffer grievous pain, and those who want to live, have to suffer through the horrible illness. But if there is no hope, and these patients choose to do euthanasia, relief is instantaneous. In addition, people would love to live with happiness. Imagine that your life is filled with pain. Is that the life you want? People who perform euthanasia would talk with their family member first. For ill people, their family members are tortured with them
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