Kevorkian Vs. Utilitarianism

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voSubmitted to: Caemeron Crain Submitted by: Arthur Nazarov Date: 1/20/12 Euthanasia vs. Utilitarianism The film “You Don’t Know Jack” was produced and presented by HBO. A documentary based on a true story with great detail that it is definitely worthy of being nominated for an award. Pacino is always naturally gifted and extremely talented as an actor. In my belief, he is a legend when it comes to acting. His movies depict the fine artworks of a perfectionist. Al Pacino's role as Jack Kevorkian was fostered by a doctor who performed euthanasia for the greater good of his patients. At the end, he served 8 years in prison for killing over 120 people to prevent the life of dire straits. Kevorkian seems to take his professional working life as something more than a path to wealth and prosperity. For Pacino, the dilemma occurred in a decision to take a stand on a very tough decision that would have an impact for the rest of his life. But his ambitions are clarified in his humanism, and the role of a physician is far from ordinary. He was the first person ever to perform euthanasia openly without seeking any remorse or benefit for himself, but for the greater good of all his patients. Al Pacino’s actions clearly violated many laws such as the right to kill. When performing euthanasia on his patients who were terminally ill. He claimed that his intention was to “…end the suffering of agonized human beings.” Most of his patients wanted to die desperately and end the unbearable pain and anguish. Oftentimes, the individuals were trying to end the suffering of the person they loved. Because of the devastating impact upon the family as a whole, thus it would enable that person to die with a sense of dignity and respect. Utilitarianism is a system that defines the morals of the individuals and how they choose to act in a particular situation, based checks and
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