African Americans Should Legalize Euthanasia

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Euthanasia Death is an experience that awaits every living creature. While humans cannot prevent death, they have the power to prolong the odds of their longevity by adhering to a healthy diet and a resolute exercise routine. Then, as the end draws near, they may be fortunate enough to be able to determine the manner of their death. Considering the choice of how to die is a subject often dismissed for moral or religious reasons or because the mere thought of losing one’s life is too horrific to even contemplate, but the choice (or lack of choice) can be seen as the existential experience of a series of self-defining choices made throughout life. Research has shown that the marker for people wanting euthanasia is a state that psychiatrists call “hopelessness,” which they differentiate from depression-these people have nothing to look forward to. HOPE is our sense of connection to the future; HOPE is the…show more content…
How would legalizing euthanasia affect medical education? What impact would physician role models carrying out euthanasia have on medical students and young physicians? Would we devote time to teaching students how to administer death through lethal injection? Would they be brutalized or ethically insensitive. It would be very difficult to communicate to future physicians to killing in a context of legalized euthanasia. Are we (U.S.) ready for this? For some dying people, severe suffering can be alleviated. However, when such suffering cannot be lessened, assisted suicide may be seen as a compassionate act because it ends a life that has lost its meaning (Arthur Rifkin). All life has meaning, even if it’s the end of that

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