How Technology Effects My Daily Life

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How technology effect s my daily life Technology has changed civilization since its beginning. From the basic wheel to the smartphone, it’s constantly evolving and changing our daily lives. Technology greatly affects my daily life; it adds convenience to everyday life, it better helps me manage many aspects of my life including keeping in touch with loved ones, and it has become important to our lifestyle in health and medicine. There are many technical items I use daily to enhance my life and add convenience. I don’t think I’d be able to make it throughout the day without my morning cup of coffee, or let alone wake up on time without my cell phone being my alarm clock. Before these inventions, I would have been hand-winding an alarm and boiling my coffee in a pot. Also, with the introduction of the computer and social networking sites, I better keep in touch with long-distance family and friends. My father lives across the country in California and my Grandmother and Aunt live in Oregon. None of them have telephones and without the computer or internet, the only way I’d be able to keep in touch is by carrier mail. Technology has become important in our everyday lives since it’s inception. Without our technological advances in medicine and other health related fields, we wouldn’t I’ve as long or find ways to cure many of the diseases today. Every day I take a multivitamin, something that I feel helps keep my body healthy and strong. I go to numerous doctor’s appointments every year to be sure I’m still developing properly and to check for any illness. Without these medical technology discoveries, a common cold could turn into death. Many say that technology will be our downfall, but in all reality it seems we’d be nowhere without it. Sure there’s many non-essential technological gadgets, but there are also ones we don’t even think about that we need now for
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