How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution

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The American Revolution had major change in our history. The American Revolution, also called the War of Independence, took place from 1775-1783. This war was when the 13 colonies of North America united and tried to break away from Britain’s rule. This war shaped the United States of America into what it has become today, but the question still remains on How Revolutionary Was the American Revolution? According to the documents analyzed there can be two different ways of thinking of this question. Some might argue that the American Revolution was revolutionary because of all the changes that came with it, but others might argue it was not because of how long it took for the revolution to happen and how little it changed our society. If you give a revolution to be change immediately then the American Revolution was not revolutionary. Even though the American Revolution is often addressed as the birth of 'Freedom for All,' it took centuries before socially disregarded groups such as Indians, slaves, and women were given equal rights as others. This war that occurred is an example of a revolution that was radical. This forever changed the social, political, and economic structure of the United States of America by showing how radical the American Revolution really was. Documents L, M, and N have a similar meaning that they are trying to portray. Socially the American Revolution was not very revolutionary. In document L, which is a speech given by a young African American in 1819 who was a valedictorian of his New York free school, states how even 36 years later after the Revolution he could not get a job because of his nationality. He states, “ No one will employ me; white boys won’t work with me.” This is showing how even 36 years later the United States of America still has not revolutionized. In document M Abigail Adams, John Adams wife, says do not forget the
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