Response To Julian Bond Analysis

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1 Response to Julian Bond After numerous people and organizations were thanked for making it possible for this interview to happen, the interviewer, Jabari Asim was introduced. The crowd applauded as they waited patiently for Julian Bond to be introduced. He calmly walked out and smoothly sat down with an assuring smile towards the audience. As the questions began, one of the first ones pertained to the election of Barack O’ Bama and what the NAACP thought about it. I liked his response when he said they were happy, but the NAACP is not just for the advancement of one colored person. Right then I knew I was going to like this guy. Most of the early questions pertained to the NAACP and then Mr. Asim asked if Mr. Bond could tell us about his life growing up. He was fairly privileged growing up. His father was high up in the education system and Mr. Bond had grown accustomed to life on a college campus. When his parents told him they were moving to Atlanta, he knew that he was entering a world that did not value him. He grew into journalism later in his career and…show more content…
Bond touched on was the initiative of Blacks during his time of demonstrating. To convey this, he told the story of the fake election that was held in the fall of 1963. In part of what was called the Freedom Vote Campaign, Black candidates ran in an election that did not count for anything. The amazing thing about this story is that 80,000 Black people ended up voting in this election that did not matter. This was during a time when Blacks did not yet have the right to vote, and people’s argument for why they did not was because they were uninterested and illiterate. This fake election that was held definitely showed they were more than capable and should be given the right to vote. The election exemplified the Black Power Movement that we learned about in class. It was an attempt to change political policy to include Black people and their
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