How Great Were the Achievements of Gustav Stresemann?

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How great were the achievements of Gustav Stresemann? Some historians argue that Gustav Stresemann saved Germany in 1923. The evidence that I will discuss to support this will include the 2 achievements, first achievement solving the first crisis in 1923 and second achievement Rebuilding Germanys relationship with the rest of the world and how great they were. Gustav Stresemann became a chancellor of the Weimar republic in 1923, as we know it was a year of crisis for the republic so Gustav had a job on his hands to save the Weimar and Germany. Gustav Stresemann’s first achievement was solving the economic crisis, Stresemann called of workers strike in the Ruhr, this was bankrupting Germany. The strike kept on going so long because the German people didn’t want to give into the French. Stresemann then introduced a new currency Rentenmark, by strictly limiting the amount of this currency in circulation the valve of German money was stabilised and in the following year a permanent currency, the Reichsmark was brought in. Stresemann also cut the spending of the government and reduced the number of government workers. In November Stresemann arranged the Dawes Loans in order to pay reparations. These loans allowed Germany to invest in its economy whilst still paying reparation payment. This was one of his achievements it was a great achievement because he brought Germany back to a stable position (economically) this was a great achievement of Gustav. Gustav Stresemann’s second achievement was, Rebuilding Germanys relationship with the rest of the world, as Germany had become an outcast nation since its defeat in the First World War and signing the treaty of Versailles in 1919. Stresemann rebuilt relations with the U.S by agreeing to the Dawes Loans and when he became foreign minister of the Weimar government he was able to get Germany join the league of nations (A.U.S
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