How Far Were Ferdiand and Isabella Responsible for Laying the Foundations of a “Golden Age” in Spain in 1474-1516?

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How far were Ferdiand and Isabella responsible for laying the foundations of a “golden age” in Spain in 1474-1516? To say Ferdiand and Isabella were completely responsible for laying the foundations for a “golden age” would be untrue. Ferdiand and Isabella had a long reign in power and therefore it would be impossible to keep everybody and everything “golden” amongst this period. Throughout their reign there are many achievements and failures presented by the Monarchs who in my opinion did overall lay the foundations for a “golden age”. The first of Ferdiand and Isabella’s achievements towards a Golden age in Spain was unity. The marriage between the couple may have been criticised at first but turned out to be a very successful match. The couple complimented each other perfectly as Isabella was powerful, energetic and strongly religious and Ferdiand was clever, had good political skills and was a great warrior king. This marriage also helped to end the constant conflict between Aragon and Castile. They also gradually brought Castile, Aragon, Granada, Navarre and Portugal together. The pair ruled Aragon and Castile in parallel although they were still ruled separately and independently. As they were both very strong Catholics they were determined to make sure their entire kingdom was Christian this therefore gave them tremendous support from the pope. This all helped to lead to war against Granada which was a Muslim state. This war showed great unity between Ferdiand and Isobella as they both worked in sync, ‘Ferdiand in charge of the campaign and Isabella made sure all supplies reached the army’. The war of Granada overall helped to bring some feelings of unity to the people of Castile and Aragon as men came from all over to fight a common enemy. This brought amazing prestige to Ferdiand and Isobella and helped to raise their reputation with other monarchs
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