Lincoln Leadership Essay

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President Abraham Lincoln was one of great leaders of this nation. He exemplified leading by example and leading in the front. He developed leadership strategies that are practiced by the world’s greatest leaders. Today’s leaders can learn how to be successful leaders by incorporating characteristics of President Lincoln’s leadership philosophy into their own leadership style. President Lincoln built a strong presidency by taking the time to develop personal relationships. President Lincoln made himself visible and available to his subordinates. He made frequent contact with the war department and troops to get up to date information so he could make timely decisions. He was a “natural wanderer” and sought out facts and information from people. He had an open door policy and build strong relationships with his staff. He listened, paid attention and built trust. Today’s leaders would benefit from taking the time to build relationships and make themselves visible to those that follow them. Building relationships leads to collaboration and the ability to persuade others to follow your lead. Another characteristic of President Lincoln’s leadership style was that he displayed good moral character. He was honest, fair, sincere and trust worthy. Those who worked under him knew that they could trust President Lincoln because he was consistently fair and was fair and decent both when congratulating and disciplining his subordinates. Another leadership quality that Lincoln possessed that leaders should incorporate into their practices is to set goals and be result-oriented. Setting goals give followers a common end to work towards. Setting goals can help workers stay focused and motivated President Lincoln is one of the great leaders of our nation. He displayed many leadership qualities that made him successful. By displaying President Lincoln’s leadership qualities,
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