Western Civilization In The 1490's

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Western Civilization in the 1490’s There were many enormous changes during the 1490’s throughout the Western Civilizations. These changes can be seen as good and bad it just depends on the group of people being discussed. The Spaniard’s were some of the few people that benefitted from the drastic changes. Other people were not as lucky and lost almost everything they had. From Spain becoming a big European power to the addition of the Spanish Acquisition and Christopher Columbus discovering new land these changes had many affects ranging from good to disastrous. The Spaniard’s grew drastically throughout the late 1400’s. Spain’s growth was mainly due to the marriage of Isabella of Castile and Ferdinand of Aragon. On their wedding day their kingdoms were torn apart by civil war. But this would not stop them from laying the foundation that would lead to a great rise in power. Within a decade Ferdinand and Isabella had secured their rule and embarked on an exhausting campaign to gain more power. While gaining power from overtaking different lands they were extremely respectful for each kingdom’s traditional political system. The places that were conquered were run by monarchy which had many benefits. A new benefit that came from this was a more effective collection of royal taxes. Monarchy revived the urban police which helped keep bandits and crime to a minimum. When Ferdinand and Isabella conquered Granada they said that all must convert from their Jewish or other faith to Christianity. In order to ensure that the followers were converting faiths as told the Spanish Acquisition was created. The Spanish Acquisition was created by the monarchs and consisted of a church court authorized to examine the genuineness of people’s Christian faith. Many people were forced to convert or suffer the consequences. Over the years it was found that many people were

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