Why Isabella and Ferdinand Conquest Granada?

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By the time of conquest of Granada Moors had been living in Spain for centuries, and The other rulers attitude towards them ( convincia ) helped all the Spanish states to sustain peace, but he rise of Ottoman empire was an alert for the west , but the question is was the fear of another rising Muslim empire the main motive for Ferdinand and Isabella to conquest Granada or there was other motives that played a bigger part in Ferdinand and Isabella’s mind. Throughout history, religion always have had the biggest or if not one of the main roles in conflicts, although the moors at the time were very much part of Spain as they’ve been living there for couple of hundred years but for most Spanish rulers they were still the people who came in and invaded Spain and still have control over parts of it. So at end of the day they and their religion were hated. It should be noted both Ferdinand and Isabel were vey committed Catholics as well, so kicking Muslims out and returning it to be a Christian state would have been a great achievement. The Moors influence was getting weakened and Boabdil actions made everything worse He was the son of the sultan Abu l-Hasan Ali, and as it sometimes happens with princes, Boabdil was restless to gain power. So, after a series of incidents between Christians and Muslims that shook Granada's stability, Boabdil named himself ruler of Granada. Of course, his words didn't take too long to catch fire. A civil war ensued in the emirate, weakening it and easing the way for the Christian troops. The Granada seemed to be an easy target for Ferdinand and Isabella to conquer so in return they’ll gain power and glory. The Conquest of Granada gave Ferdinand and Isabella what they needed the most to establish themselves as great ruler, they gained power, fame and glory. It was a smart move as now barons of Castile were occupied and thinking about
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