How Far Would You Agree That Conflict Between England and Spain Was Inescapable? (1558 - 88 )

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How far would you agree that conflict between England and Spain was inescapable? (1558 - 88) In some respects, conflict between England and Spain was unlikely and there are many factors contributing to this. One reason for this was a very personal factor and links to Elizabeth’s personality. The Queen of England was a much calmer monarch than her predecessor and father, Henry viii. Her way of dealing with foreign affairs was very different to her Father’s in that Elizabeth tended to be more methodical in contrast to Henry who settled misunderstanding with battles and warfare. She was more likely to apply logic to her plans and think politically than she was to put war and conflict first. This mindset aided the queen in staying allies with Spain and Philip who were an important power in Europe during the Tudor dynasty’s reign. When Elizabeth became Queen in 1558 on the death of her half-sister Mary, England had a decent relationship with Spain. Mary’s marriage to Philip of Spain obviously helped to cement this even if the marriage itself was not a success. England and Spain were also still bonded by Philip of Spain’s marriage alliance to Mary and had continued to stay on friendly terms after Mary’s death. The 1554 marriage to Mary was political. By this marriage, Philip became,”jure uxoris” King of England and Philip was keen to keep his power during Elizabeth’s reign. This meant that any conflict between the two countries was unlikely as politically, both monarchs were keen to stay allies. A continuing rivalry between France and England also meant Spain would be keen allies of Elizabeth. France had always been a traditional enemy of both countries due to previous wars and land disagreements such as one with the French area of Calais. France had an alliance with Scotland, who was not on good terms with England. Mary Queen of scots was threatening
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