How Far Do You Agree That the Black Power Movement Hindered Black Civil Rights in the 1960’s?

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In this essay I will be talking about the Black Power movement in the 1960’s and how they did not hinder the Black civil rights. I think this because the movement showed how far they were willing to go to fight in what they believe in, examples of this was buying themselves guns for self defence against police or increasing black morale to help fight. However I will also be talking in this essay what may have hindered the Black civil rights. To begin with a way in which the Black Power movement hindered the Black civil rights is that they mainly focused on violent protests which went against what NAACP, SNCC and CORE had been doing at the time as they were where focused on what Martin Luther King had been saying about peaceful protests and gaining peaceful protesters for example the protest method of sit-ins where people would going to public but separated places and sit wherever they want. So when the Black Power movement decided to start using violent protests like gun shootouts against the police for example ‘the battle of 28th Street’ where eight Black Panthers ambushed a group of police officers and began a shootout. There was a huge contrast with what the NAACP, SNCC and Core had done. Another point that hindered the Black civil rights in the 1960’s was that Black Power movement had grown so popular that in the year 1966 the SNCC expelled all white members and by 1968 CORE had also expelled all white members as they thought only blacks should help each other against the fight for Black civil rights as the whites weren’t letting them have it and soon after that blacks started calling whites ‘honky’. This however made whites who helped them previously feel betrayed after all they did to try and help for example when a few whites helped out with the Freedom Rides campaign in which all those who participated where beaten and some killed. They also had to

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