The Difference Between Martin Luther King Jr And Malcolm X

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All black everything is not the way to go, both black and white is what should show. Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. are the two most well known Civil Rights leaders in America from the 1960’s, but they both had different views of solving the racial problems in America. Malcolm X’s philosophy was to keep segregation, but have a mutual respect between blacks and whites. He also believed in violence if necessary, and seemed to be a radical “Black Power” activist. Martin Luther King Jr. on the other hand took after the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi, and believed in nonviolence and boycotting. The reason why they had such different views was probably because of their experiences with Jim Crow. Malcolm X witnessed the burning of his house by white supremacist, his father was killed, and he was put in a foster home after his mother had a nervous breakdown. Malcolm was put in jail for selling drugs when he was a teenager, and later joined the Muslim Brotherhood. Martin on the other hand had well educated parents who taught him that he was as good as white people, he went to college and became a Southern Baptist Pastor. Between these two men I…show more content…
He witnessed a lot of racism growing up; seeing his house burned down and his father being killed. He had it rough growing up, and he was angry with all that had happened because of the racism in America, and he just wanted blacks to be able to defend themselves. But with how America was back then, whites would have been living in fear, because newspapers would be printed out saying “Blacks strike again” on the headline. King did not want blacks to retaliate because it just would have added to the fire. With everything that King stood for and how he was able to back them with such powerful speeches; it’s easy to say that King’s philosophy made more sense than Malcolm X’s
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