How Does Desertification Lead to a Global Food Crisis?

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This essay will be on desertification and will be explaining how desertification could lead to a global food crisis. To start of this essay I will explain some of the terminology that will be used. Desertification is the process in which fertile and green land soils turn into arid areas where food life is scarce. The effects of desertification are catatonic and cause great devastation. In Britain 60% of our food is produced through agriculture this means that almost all of the 40% grown elsewhere is in hot environments. So a national food crisis would be if something happened to food exported and farming life was attacked by disease, pollution or drier soil and this will cause food to not be distributed amongst everyone, so only the richer places which can afford food will receive it. A GLOBAL food crisis is exactly that but it is the whole entire world struggling not just one country. In the previous paragraph I went on to explain about what desertification really means however I did not explain desertification to the great detail it deserves. Desertification is increasing due to population increases; this is because we need more resources such as wood and livestock. You might be wondering how a harmless resource like wood or a natural thing like livestock could end up harming lots of people. Since humans need wood they undergo a process called deforestation, which is the cutting down of trees, and this means that the trees aren’t able to keep the ground less arid. Trees do this because at the bottom of them there are roots and this organ has many root hair tissues all working together to absorb water so that it can be used for photosynthesis, therefore by trees absorbing water it helps keep all the soil hydrated. Not only do they keep the soil hydrated but they also offer shade to the soil, which decreases the temperature of the soil also stopping it from becoming

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