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What are the three trophic levels? There are three trophic levels in our ecosystem. The first trophic level is Producers: Organisms that capture energy from the sun or chemical reactions to convert carbon dioxide to organic matter; most producers are green plants.(Boorse,Wright,2011) The second trophic level is Consumers which are organisms that derive their energy from feeding on other organisms or their products. (Boorse, Wright, 2011) The third trophic level is Decomposers, these organisms feeding actions are a result of rotting or organic material. The primary decomposers are fungi and bacteria. (Boorse, Wright, 2011) Give two examples of each trophic level that can be found in your town, city, or county. Producer- 1) Green Pond Algae 2) Acorns from an Oak Tree Consumer- 1) Small Minnows 2) Squirrel Decomposer- 1) Vulture 2) Termites What trophic level do you think is the most important in the ecosystem and why? I believe decomposers are the most important trophic level in an ecosystem. In my opinion without the work of these animals, insects, and bacteria our planet would be overrun with rotting carcasses of animals and enormous piles of vegetation. The earth would cease to be able to sustain life because of poisoning of the land and waterways by decaying matter. The decomposers speed the process of decomposition in turn supplying them with food and returning vital nutrients to the earth starting the process all over. What is Biodiversity? Is it important? Relate Biodiversity to the Trophic Levels. Biodiversity is the dependence of all living organisms in an area depending upon one another for survival. The importance of biodiversity is shown in the fact that one specific plant or animal cannot be removed from an ecosystem without upsetting the

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