Actors Affecting Food Insecurity Today Essay

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The World Food Summit of 1996 defined food security as existing "when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life" (WHO, n.d). Commonly, the concept of food security is defined as including both physical and economic access to food that meets people's dietary needs as well as their food preferences. In many countries, health problems related to dietary excess are an ever increasing threat, In fact, malnutrion and foodborne diarrhea are become double burden. Food security is a complex sustainable development issue, linked to health through malnutrition, but also to sustainable economic development, environment, and trade. Issues such as whether households get enough food, how it is distributed within the household and whether that food fulfils the nutrition needs of all members of the household show that food security is clearly linked to health. Several factors that can cause food insecurity in the world today, that includes : Global Water Crisis - Water table reserves are falling in many countries (including Northern China, the US, and India) due to widespread overpumping and irrigation. Climate Change - Rising global temperatures are beginning to have a ripple effect on crop yields, forest resources, water supplies and altering the balance of nature. Land Degradation - Intensive farming leads to a vicious cycle of exhaustion of soil fertility and decline of agricultural yields. Greedy Land Deals - Corporations and Governments buying rights to millions of acres of agricultural land in developing countries to secure their own long-term food supplies. Low rates of agricultural production - In the last few decades, agricultural output in SSA has barely kept up with population increases, and Africa now imports 25% of its grain requirements. Inherent differences in agricultural systems

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