How Does a Risk Management Team Work to Identify and Mitigate Risk Within a Company?

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Nichole McCoy – ISAS610 – 9041 Risk Management How does a risk management team work to identify and mitigate risk within a company? University of Maryland University College Graduate School of Management and Technology In the article, “Embrace the Risks,” by Charles Babcock, he discusses how risk is an everyday part of doing business, and must be accurately accessed to stay competitive. Of course, it’s impossible to eliminate risk all together, especially in the insurance or financial services industry. He explains that there is a tendency for companies to try to eliminate the risk, and in doing so, they overspend. For this reason, the only solution is to have a good risk management plan in place that focuses on the larger threats. So this leads to the question, “what kinds of risks should a company be concerned with?” The author goes on to say that a big part of risk management is understanding the degree of the threat. There are many threats that can bring a company to a complete halt. In the insurance industry for example, anything that prevents the company and its agents from making claims payments, maintaining proper cash reserves, operational risks, financial risks, and especially any risks that involve the IT systems is a threat, because a failure of the systems that keep the company running can be disastrous. Financial institutions such as banks deal with these types of issues on a daily basis because of constant cash flow. They must safeguard large amounts of consumer and customer data that are stored and maintained. A breach in this system could bring a bank to its knees. A company can’t manage these risks if they can’t see them (Business Wire 2008). So what attributes must a good risk management team possess to accurately assess

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