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Full Disclosure ACC/421 August 3, 2015 Full Disclosure The full disclosure principle was created to protect users of financial statements by requiring publicly held organizations to disclose pertinent information regarding transactions and details surrounding business operations. Full disclosure is increasing because of the need for more information in a timely manner. The necessity for full disclosure in financial statements brings consequences punishable by laws and fines and pushes organizations to act in honest and ethical manners when compiling their financial statements to the public. The Full Disclosure Principle in Accounting The full disclosure principle in accounting was created to protect investors who may be misled by businesses withholding crucial financial information. Without the full disclosure principle important negative financial information on company standings would likely be withheld from investors. The full disclosure principle requires that all circumstances relevant to financial statement users be disclosed. This means that all transactions must be available to the readers of a company’s financial statements. The important of full disclosure is to protect the people involved in an organization by requiring companies to provide all necessary…show more content…
Full disclosure requires that publicly traded businesses use accrual based accounting and revenues are recognized as sales are earned. Full disclosure also requires that footnotes describe accounting procedures and provide details for unusual transactions. With companies such as Enron and WorldCom, the accounting field has an increased need for businesses to tell the truth in its financial statements. Full disclosure acts as the obligation for businesses to be truthful in its statements in order to protect the parties

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