How Do the Writers Show the Relationships Between the Characters in the Poems We Have Looked at?

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How do the writers show the relationships between the characters in the poems we have looked at? The poems ‘Nettles’ and ‘Harmonium’ discuss the relationships between a father and son. In the poem nettles the father, who is caring for his 3 year old son, is trying to protect him. In harmonium it discusses a relationship between a son and his elderly father. In nettles Scannell talks about a young boy, aged 3, who had fallen into a bed of nettles in his garden. He then talks about how the father reacted, and attempted to kill the nettles, which caused pain to his son. Unfortunately for the father the nettles grew back. Scannell describes the nettles as being a ‘Regiment of spite’; this phrase implies that the nettles are being seen as an army who wants to hurt people. Scannell also describes them as ‘Green Spears’, this could suggest that the spears are vertical and are waiting to attack someone. Scannell also uses alliteration; ‘Blisters Beaded’ indicates bumps on the boy’s tender skin. The sound /B/ alliterates the words Blisters Beaded. In a way this could be seen as bumps on the skin. Furthermore the letter ‘B’ has bumps, which could also suggest the significance of this boy’s injury. Scannell also uses adjectives to describe the boy’s feelings. “At last he offered us a watery grin”, the adjective being ‘watery’. The word watery could suggest ripples in the water, so the boy’s mouth may quiver. Vernon Scannell also talks about the father’s reaction and what he does. “I took my hook and honed the blade” implies that the father has sharpened his blade for battle with the ‘Regiment of Spite’. The writer also describes the action the father does in order to destroy the nettles. “Went outside and slashed with fury”, the word ‘Slashed’ represents big sweeping movements. Scannell then implies the fact that the father’s work in cutting down the nettles

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