How Divorce Affects Children

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How Divorce Affects Children In the past, humans have had an important duty in life of making a family and their descendants. However, humans have evolved more and more with the evolution of society and have been thinking of various ways than ever before. In recent years, humans have begun to consider personal dignity and freedom as important things in their lives. Therefore, humans want to keep their privacy and at all times even after having a family and children. Although, society has built up a life where divorce, morality, and public opinion are weak. Lately, young couples who do not even know each other immediately get married by impulse and eventually get divorced. Many adult also get married not knowing each other well enough to spend the rest of their lives together and get divorced as well even after having children together. As a result, divorce has become very common and and have affected them in many ways. They are badly influenced and can cause many different problems for them. Children are affected emotionally, academically, and Divorce causes many problems to children. They are at an important stage in their lives where their emotions are changing. Many kids can become sad or depressed from their parents getting divorced. Some kids end up blaming their parents and do not want to be a part of the family and feel as though their parents to do accept them anymore. This causes children to misbehave at school and with friends. Many children may leave their homes, start using drugs, steal, and end up in prison. The emotional state of the kids become hurt and unhealthy. Children are also affected by divorce academically. It is reported that 40 percent of children of divorced parents do not pay attention in class and have many According to “Amato’s meta-annlyses showed clear difference in academic achievement between children in
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