How Did Truman Lose The Atomic Bomb After Ww2

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Andrea Stender Period 2 Japan Bombing Ch. 26 During WWII Harry S. Truman; a former senator took the place of unpopular vice president Henry Wallace. This switch up began shortly before the war was to end. The next couple of months, on April 12th, Franklin D. Roosevelt, the president at the time, laid his self to death without finishing the catastrophe “He was the one American who knew, or seemed to know, where the world was going,” wrote Life Magazine. “The plans were all in his head.” This incident had put Truman in charge. Although, Truman did not inspire immediate confidence in his ability to fill Roosevelt’s giant shoes, his optimism didn’t last long. It wasn’t long before Truman decided to use atomic weapons as his first move in office. When Harry Truman was notified of the victory of the…show more content…
He even believed that he saved lives of those in Japan. Prolonging the war was not on Truman’s calendar at the moment. This is why he rejected a demonstration of the atomic bomb itself. He knew that the Japanese would not surrender if the test succeeded and he also felt that a unsuccessful demonstration would be inferior out of everything. Till this day, the argument over whether or not the atomic bomb should have been dropped will never be determined. But one thing America does know is that the dropping of this bomb ended one of the most destructive wars in all history. In conclusion, there were other plans instead of the atomic bomb. But this doesn’t mean Truman was sure enough to think them over. One plan was that if Japan were to give up, US would let them keep their “Sacred emperor”. The other road to end war involved Russia joining the US in the complete invasion of Japans’ main lands. When it was a decision making environment Potsdam conference in Berlin led Russia to agree to help the US. But, Truman being pressured by folks around him chose to employ the atomic bomb instead. Ain’t that
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