Truman Worst Decision Essay

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If you had been an advisor to Truman in the discussions leading up to the decision to drop the atomic bomb on Japan, what would you have advised him and why? "The atom bomb was no 'great decision'“ -President Harry S. Truman. July 16th 1945-the day the Manhattan Project had accomplished its primary goal; building an Atomic Bomb. The theory for the Atomic Bomb was that the atoms in plutonium would rid themselves of billions of neutrons which, in turn, would split other atoms causing a massive chain reaction. This immeasurable release of energy would be the cause of the destruction of two Japanese cities, and perhaps America’s worst offensive move in the history of war. The building of the Atomic Bomb was a highly kept government secret. Many of the workers who took part in the manufacturing of parts and assembling of the final project were oblivious to the type of power that the bomb contained. Only the handful of scientists- led by Oppenheimer- and the President himself were totally aware of what was going on. Not even…show more content…
August 9th 1945- the day Truman made the second worst decision in the history of war. August 10th 1945 thru the present- America struggles because of the lasting effects of the Atomic Bomb. America is now fighting another war because of nuclear weapons. This is Truman’s fault. The world is suffering form global warming. This is Truman’s fault. Cancer rates have skyrocketed with no advance in finding a cure. This is Truman’s fault. The only positive that came from President Truman’s decision was Japan’s democracy, despite the fact that it was uninvited and forced. If Truman had had me as an advisor, America would have won an honorable war. America would still be a world power. America would still be thriving. If I had been an advisor for Truman, the Atomic Bomb would have never been dropped because, to me, “All men are created equal” Declaration of
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