How Did Britain Become A Global Power

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Britain Becomes a Global Power * Location placed England in a position to control trade * England offered a climate favorable to business and commerce and put fewer restrictions on trade then some of its neighbors * Britain was generally on the winning side in European conflicts * The British monopolized the slave trade in Spanish America, which brought enormous wealth to British merchants * England’s territory expanded closer to home In 1760, George III began a 60-year reign- born in England- eager to recover the powers the crown had lost; reassert royal power; wanted to end Whig domination; with the help of Parliament and his “Parliament friends” he began to assert his leadership The Colonies in the Mid-1700s A…show more content…
The principle of popular sovereignty, which states that all government power comes from the people, is also an important point in the Declaration. The American Revolution Continues The British had a large number of trained soldiers, a huge fleet, and greater resources. About one third of the American colonists were Loyalists, or those who supported Britain. The Americans lacked military resources, had little money to pay soldiers, and did not have a strategic plan. Colonists had some advantages. One was the geography of the diverse continent. Since colonists were fighting on their own soil, they were familiar with its thick woods and inadequate roads. Other advantages were their strong leader, George Washington, and their fierce determination to fight for their ideals of liberty The British worked to create alliances within its colonies. A number of Native American groups sided with the British, while others saw potential advantages in supporting the colonists’ cause. The British offered freedom to any enslaved people who were willing to fight the colonists France Provides
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