How Did Britain Become A Democracy

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20 Mark Essay By 1900 Britain was becoming a democracy and becoming more democratic by this point. Although there are other factors to be considered. There were also social factors for example factors that came into this are education, political change and pressure groups. Also there was an economic factor these include increase in middle class, better employment and work .The last factor to consider is political advantage as there was demand from political parties which meant change for people. All of these points have to be considered in the growth of democracy in Britain by 1900. Throughout the 1900's, there was more pressure for political change. The most pressured group was called The Chartists. The Chartists demanded six key reforms. For example they demanded that every man should have the right to vote no matter what their class or property was. Therefore this meant that the amount of voters had…show more content…
This meant that the fact railways were built news and especially political news got around to people faster which meant people were up to date on the news of politics. Also the other Social factor includes education therefore they are more politically aware and also more people could read and write. These played an important part in the growth of democracy in Britain by 1900. A final Social factor that increased the growth of democracy in Britain by 1900 was the Trade Unions who tried to and get better working conditions by claiming the vote and trying to get freedom of speech to make everyone equal. This then meant better employment and better work. The extent of Britain's growth in democracy was also due to economic change. This meant better pay at work therefore more people could get the vote with a higher wage. Also there was more production which meant more workers and more tax. Both of these points played an important part in the growth of democracy in
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