How and Why Is Personal Creativity Blocked with a Banking Method of Education?

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Banking Method of Education is an act of depositing. In this education method, the teachers seems to have all the knowledge, and the student has absolutely zero knowledge. The role of the teacher is to “fill” students’ brain with what they thought is knowledge and truth. Also, in the banking method of education, the student are only taught about the conclusions and the analysis, not how and where the answers are coming from. According to Paulo Freire, “knowledge emerges only through invention and reinvention, through the restless, impatient, continuing, hopeful inquiry men pursue in the world, with the world, and with each other”. (Freire 11) Therefore, in the result of this kind of teaching style are detached students form reality, and disconnected them from the truth. What is more, the students will develop a habit of only adopting what is been given. Not only, the students will lose the ability of thinking in different directions but also, lose the personal Creativity and imagination. Without imagination, it leaves us as puppets for the instructor. Form the article, Freire also talks about the results of both the “banking concept” as well as the “problem-posing concept”. In the “problem-posing concept” the students are free to share their ideas, and both teachers and students benefit and absorb some new ideas from the healthy and open discussions. In the opposite stand point, “banking concept” takes communication and collaborations away from us. Freire also believes, “...Only through communication can human hold meaning” (Freire 13). Therefore, cutting out communication is another way to block the personal creativity. Inclusion, the banking method of education detaches students form reality, takes the imagination and communication away, those are the reasons that why and how personal creativity get blocked with this education
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