How Accurate Is It to Say That the Most Important Result of Collectivisation of Agriculture Was That It Imposed Communist Control of the Countryside?

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The most important result of collectivisation of agriculture can be perceived to be the communist control that was imposed on the countryside. Though arguably the most important result of collectivisation of agriculture was the 5 year plans that developed, it was the combination of this with the economic disaster, famine through the grain harvest downfalls and the spreading of revolution involving the Kulaks that provided the basis for resolve. These features were all results of collectivisation and each individually impacted agriculture but it is apparent that the most important result was the development of the 5 year plans. The 5 years plans had multiple successful sectors that had positive impacts in a variety of areas. The first five year plan was inducted between October 1928 and December 1932 and the emphasis was on heavy industries such as coal, oil, iron and steel. The successes included electricity production being trebled, resource output was doubled, the engineering industry was developed with increased overall output of machinery, tools etc and huge new industrial complexes were built that harboured the ground for these ideas and innovations to become a reality. Weaknesses were apparent such as limited growth and even a decline in consumer industries such as house building and food processing. Small workshops were squeezed out partly because of the drive against Nepmen and the shortages of materials and fuel. The collectivisation of agriculture provided Stalin with the idea that further industrial growth was necessary in order to fuel the country’s economy and diminish the burden of Russia’s backwards nature. He wanted Russia to become self-sufficient and not have to rely on the West for anything so the first 5 year plan was established in the hope that changes could be made. It can be perceived that the first plan did not achieve a great deal but
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