Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal

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Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal OPS HC 571 December 8, 2014 Hospital Glove Supply Chain Proposal The creation and introduction of a material and process plan to address a new, Chinese vendor provides the opportunity for growth and development of the hospital. Issues surrounding reliable, consistent delivery of gloves created the need for change; however, this change requires planning, strategy, and implementation. This paper plans to highlight the necessary steps to consider while entertaining the concept of a new glove vendor including process evaluation, financial forecasting, and resource planning systems. Materials Requirement Plan Healthcare organizations can adopt current manufacturing processes such as materials requirement planning (MRP) to create a more efficient and descriptive usage pattern for materials. MRP utilizes a data and technology driven system to estimate demand from end-users to allocate the organization’s resources appropriately. This hospital is evaluating the usage of hospital gloves as well as the prospect of inviting a new source from China. Utilizing data hard points such as past ordering history, fluctuations in treatments of patient (i.e. seasonal variations, etc.), and growth patterns of the hospital may contribute to an effective model and plan for the new supply chain (Tomas, 1990). For this materials requirement plan, the initial data to capture is, “what is needed to keep the hospital functioning today?” This question will create an analysis of current demand and allow for immediate ordering from the new vendor. The data points mentioned beforehand will create trending data to anticipate future ordering spikes and valleys. Known past orders will be combined with inventory transactions and records files to feed an MRP program to create primary reports for planned-order schedules (increasing
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