Patton Fuller Community Hospital: Network System Analysis

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Analysis for Improvement Shareece Barnes CMGT/ 554 January 12, 2015 Bhupinder Singh As you are well aware, Patton Fuller Community Hospital requires a solid IT infrastructure to support the organization in achieving its goals, and realizing its potential growth. In analyzing the current system, areas for improvement were identified, which could potentially have a great impact on the future success of the company. Network System Analysis The hospital’s current use of cabling, although sufficient, may not provide appropriate data transmission in the future. For optimal speed and reduced chance of transmission error, the implementation of fiber optic cables throughout the organization is recommended. Fiber optic data transmission covers…show more content…
PFCH would greatly benefit from the use of an ERP system developed for hospitals, such as McKesson ERP Solutions. Systems such as these, which are developed specifically for medical professionals, enable hospital workers to easily access, update, and distribute patient information. ERP systems take the data from all other applications and manages that data, resulting in a streamlined, easy to understand overview, known oftentimes as the dashboard. More detailed information is just as easily accessed by the system and displayed in a series of charts and graphs, as well as other tools used to assist healthcare providers in the diagnoses and treatment of patients. While ERP’s are not necessarily well-designed to handle big data, it is my recommendation that both be used parallel to one another for the most benefit. By using each system to feed the other, the hospital ensures sufficient patient data is obtained without inundating the system with useless or superfluous information, such as would be the case if the two systems were to be fully integrated. For example, each time a patient is seen any resulting information would be put in to the ERP system. That data would then be transferred to whatever large data storage system the hospital uses from the ERP system. When the patient returns for future treatment, that information is again accessed in the patient history, most likely in the large data storage, and transferred to the ERP system for use and update. Once updated, the information remains stored until it is again necessary to access that patient’s

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