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Collaborative Agreement Sample E 1. The undersigned nurse practitioner and physician agree to the following collaborative practice agreement for provision of health care services to clients at (location, address). Care services provided by the nurse practitioner will include health maintenance, management of acute/episodic illnesses and management of stable chronic illnesses. (Doctor) and (nurse practitioner) agree that the Protocols for Nursing Practice as mutually developed will be the guide to define advanced practice including consultation and referral criteria. 2. Both parties mutually developed and agree to this document per our signatures. As collaborating physician, _____________________ agrees…show more content…
It gives reasons for which the ACNP must be responsible for knowing how to implement billing mechanisms to take full advantage of the new regulations, gives a full description of incident – to Medicare B billing constraints and the changes resulting from the ability of the APN to obtain direct reimbursement from Medicare. A full definition of the concept of collaboration by the Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) rules and regulations is included. Gives case histories and billing practice procedures of some common occurrences in hospital ER’s, in-patient services. Also describes reimbursement practices for outpatient settings. Answers the important questions – How to get a Medicare provider number, who can submit bills for Medicare reimbursement, what can be charged, where to get this information, and answers how to determine the amount of…show more content…
Montgomery, AL: Unicor Medical, Inc. All diagnoses are listed alphabetically; find the diagnosis by looking alphabetically for the key word, the anatomical site, or the first word in the diagnosis description. Learning the diagnostic codes or how to find them ensures that the correct codes are used and that the correct level of care can be charged; better to enhance practice revenues. To order call 1-800-825-7421. Nursing’s Social Policy Statement. (1995). Washington, D.C.: American Nurses Association. The members of the nursing profession should understand the framework for nursing’s relationship with society and nursing’s obligation to those who receive nursing care. Nursing’s Social Policy Statements include a description of nursing in the United States – the values and social responsibility of the profession, nursing’s definition and scope of practice, nursing’s knowledge base, and the methods by which nursing is regulated. The statement is both an accounting of nursing’s professional stewardship and an expression of nursing’s continuing commitment to the society it serves. To order call 800/637-0323. • Credentialing & Privileging of Advanced Practice Nurses. (1997). Okemos, MI: Michigan Nurses

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