Horses Persuasive Speech

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Horses Inspiring Children to Read and Succeed! The Black Stallion Literacy Foundation: TO: FROM: FIRST GRADE PARENTS DR. WENDY LAMBERT, DIRECTOR OF EDUCATION and TECHNOLOGY It is my distinct pleasure to welcome you and your child to the Black Stallion Literacy Foundation’s First Grade Program! This program is designed to give young children positive experiences with reading to help them to learn to love books and reading. Using the natural, positive connection that children have with horses, we combine Walter Farley’s classic children’s books with live interactions with horses to create a rich foundational literacy experience for children. The program begins with a horse handler bringing a horse to school to…show more content…
The program culminates with a field trip to a horse event. During this second horse experience, your child will read his or her favorite passage from Little Black, A Pony to a horse and the horse handler. This is a very meaningful experience, because the horse has become a special friend to your child through the experience of learning to read Little Black, A Pony! At the conclusion of the field trip, each child receives a copy of Little Black Goes to the Circus. Your role, as parent, is especially important in your child’s reading experience and…show more content…
We hope you will take an active role in reading with your child, both during – and after – his or her participation in the BSLF Reading Program! How can you make reading part of your family’s lifestyle? Limit electronics time. Minimize your family’s television and video-gaming time. Teach by example. If you have books, magazines, and newspapers in your home and your child sees you reading, your child learns that you value reading. Read together. Reading with your child is a wonderful activity. It not only teaches your child that reading is important to you, but it also offers you important time together, a chance to talk about the book and issues that relate to the book. This opens up important lines of communication in your relationship! Go to the library. Find books about your child’s interests and read them together. Read a book about going to the dentist before your child’s next dental exam or get a book about trees and birds before a visit to the forest. If your child is obsessed with dinosaurs, ask your librarian to recommend a story about dinosaurs for your child. Get involved. Ask your child about the BSLF program activities. Volunteer to assist the teacher. Consider serving as a chaperone on the field trip. It is our

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