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A Place For a Family Gathering Everyone has a favorite restaurant that he or she loves to eat at. The best restaurant to go to in San Luis Obispo, CA is Hometown Buffet. This peaceful place has the most delicious variety of food for everyone to eat in. It is a place where people of all ages can enjoy good food, drinks, and laughter. Hometown Buffet is the most exquisite place to eat and is truly the finest restaurant in town for a night out for a family gathering. Every time I walk in to Hometown Buffet I obtain the best feeling. You are greeted by a couple of employees with a smile, while ringing up our tab before being seated. While we were being seated, I noticed all the colorful plates waiting to be used on with all the delicious food that they offer. No matter how many times I come, I always love to observe what is around me. Each and every comforting smile the employees have on their faces and the many customers having a good time with their family, it always makes me feel good and right at home. When I breathe in the aroma of all the food choices they have, it always reminds me of how hungry I am. The uniquely textured walls produce a smooth yet flowing look. The vinyl plants that clasp to the walls ever so freely give it a natural appearance. Next, as I got my colorful plate filled with delicious food, I went to sit down at one of the leather booths that they assigned to us. While I was sitting down, eating my food, I saw a new born baby. The baby had a nasalized type of cry. Also, a group of teenagers came into the restaurant. They were so noisy. After we all ate, we got desert which was ice cream. As we began eating, the entire table was quiet, and all you could hear was the clinging sound of silverware hitting the other patron’s plate. As we were eating, there was a set of twin boys celebrating their 10th birthday and the bumble

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